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ECB submerges German Bund Yields, helps Cap US T-Note Yield

     After only 10-days on the job; the Trump administration didn’t wait too long to fire off the first shot in what might become a series of volleys in a protracted currency war over the value of the Euro vs the US$. One of Mr Trump’s top trade advisers, Peter Navarro accused Germany on January 30th – of using a “grossly…

Feb 28, 2017

French Bond Yield climbs to 4-year high vs German Bund on fears of Far-right Win at upcoming Elections in France

     On February 7th, France’s Finance chief Michel Sapin, trying to stem the rise in French borrowing costs in recent weeks, on uncertainty regarding the outcome of the upcoming French election, warned traders who were betting against the Euro and betting a on victory by Marine Le Pen, – they are guaranteed to lose a…

Feb 19, 2017