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Anti Establishment fever sweeps into Italy

    After Brexit and Donald Trump, investors are focusing on Italy, as they position themselves ahead of what could be the latest political event to rattle markets and upend politics. Italy’s prime minister Matteo Renzi has called for a referendum, to be held on December 4th, that if approved would curb the powers of the Senate and bring greater stability to…

Nov 21, 2016

“Trump Tantrum” Roils US Bond market

    Earlier this year, as government bond yields tumbled to all-time lows in the immediate aftermath of the UK’s June 23rd vote for Brexit, the value of sovereign debt with yields below zero percent – had ballooned to $11.7-trillion. Fixed income investors were confronted with stark choices. Many fund managers shifted into lower quality junk bonds in the hunt for juicier…

Nov 21, 2016