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Staying on Top of Volatile Global Markets

Currency War between ECB and Swiss Nat’l Bank continues

    With no natural mineral resources, and a small population at just over 7.8-million, Switzerland depends on foreign trade for roughly half of its national income. Swiss manufacturers import bulky raw materials, processes them, and export most of their high-quality, finished goods. Thanks to the efforts of its highly skilled workforce; – the value of Switzerland’s exports has consistently exceeded the cost of…

Jul 21, 2016

Traders detect Banking Crisis in Italy; buy Gold and Silver; Yield on Swiss 30-Yr Bond goes below Zero percent

    Traders are used to operating in highly uncertain and volatile markets. There are so many moving parts, which makes forecasting the future so extremely difficult and hazardous. From day to day, the pendulum of market sentiment often swings from euphoria to depressive, but traders must keep their emotions under control. Uncertainties always exist. Even the brightest of analysts cannot predict…

Jul 07, 2016