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ECB submerges German Bund Yields, helps Cap US T-Note Yield

     After only 10-days on the job; the Trump administration didn’t wait too long to fire off the first shot in what might become a series of volleys in a protracted currency war over the value of the Euro vs the US$. One of Mr Trump’s top trade advisers, Peter Navarro accused Germany on January 30th – of using a “grossly undervalued” Euro to “exploit the US and its EU partners in foreign trade,” in a piece published in the Financial Times newspaper. Navarro, now in charge of Mr Trump’s new…

Feb 28, 2017

French Bond Yield climbs to 4-year high vs German Bund on fears of Far-right Win at upcoming Elections in France

     On February 7th, France’s Finance chief Michel Sapin, trying to stem the rise in French borrowing costs in recent weeks, on uncertainty regarding the outcome of the upcoming French election, warned traders who were betting against the Euro and betting a on victory by Marine Le Pen, – they are guaranteed to lose a lot of money. “Those who, in good faith or by speculation, bet against France because they think Le Pen can win are not only…

Feb 19, 2017

Silicon Valley High Tech Leaders and India’s IT Outsourcers -Sound Alarm Over Trump’s “America First” Policy

    US- president Donald Trump just assumed office on January 20th, but already, his “America First” agenda is sending a big chill through Silicon Valley and India’s biggest tech stocks. The US tech industry has long lobbied for an easier way to recruit talent from abroad, and had expected Hillary Clinton to expand high-skilled immigration. However, under President Trump, it now appears highly likely there will be a new set of rules that will dramatically ratchet back immigration overall into the US.

    White House…

Jan 30, 2017

With the mercurial US President Donald Trump; expect Increasing Volatility for the US-dollar versus China’s Yuan and Japan yen

    The number of followers on US President Donald Trump’s Twitter page is increasing at an exponential rate, reaching 20.3-million this week, and up from around 19.9-million just a few weeks ago. Mr Trump’s frequent use of Twitter to communicate with the US-public, and with the greater audience of the world’s citizens, without the filter of the mainstream media, is also adding a new element of volatility in the world’s financial markets. Nobody knows when the US’s Tweeter in chief, will launch a Twitter tantrum that roils the…

Jan 18, 2017

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