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Republican Tax Cuts Expected to fuel faster Inflation, drive T-Bond yields sharply higher

     Ever since the election of Donald Trump as President, on Nov 8th, 2016; traders have bid-up the combined values of the US-stock market indexes by roughly +$5.7-trillion, the biggest gain in such as short period in time, in the history of Wall Street. Bullish traders have become fabulously wealthy, as they correctly bet that the slim Republican majority on Capitol Hill, would be able to muscle through the largest tax overhaul in 30-years. The Bulls were undeterred during months of false starts and a special counsel probe, during Trump’s first…

Dec 20, 2017

Prez Trump is Silent about US$ Rally vs Yen while in Tokyo

President Trump has Nothing to say about Japan’s Yen on visit to Tokyo

     President Donald Trump hit the golf course on Sunday, Nov 5th with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the world’s #4 ranked golfer Hideki Matsuyama, playing nine holes before retiring to the club house. “Two wonderful people!” Trump tweeted, along with a video of his swing. Abe also chimed in on Twitter; “A round of golf with a marvelous friend (President Donald J. Trump), full of spirited conversation.” 素晴らしい友人とのゴルフ。会話も弾みます. Trump and…

Nov 07, 2017

US$ Rebounds from -10% Slide, as Odds of Fed rate hike by year’s End, rises to 90%

     The horse race over who will become the next chairman of the Federal Reserve, has seen four contenders for the position move briefly into the lead in the betting markets, but only to see their odds of winning, plummet. Two falling stars – Fed chief Janet Yellen and Goldman Sach’s #2 insider, Gary Cohn, have seen their odds for getting the nod for the position of Fed chief, peak in the mid-30’s and then quickly plunge to as low as 10%.


Oct 08, 2017

Dow goes Parabolic, Soars above 22,500-level- shrugs off hawkish Fed

     Retail investors who’ve been waiting for stock prices to go “on sale” before buying have a problem: The benchmark S&P-500 index <SPX> hasn’t suffered a decline of -3% or more for nearly 11-months, the 2nd longest run in history. It’s been the calmest and least volatile year in Wall Street’s history. The cost of purchasing insurance against a general market decline, – the Volatility Index (VIX) ended the month of September at 9.51, its lowest monthly close in history.

     There have…

Oct 02, 2017

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