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Will Donald Trump become the next US president? Watch Mexico’s Peso vs the US$ to find out

Mexico Peso - Trump

   Who is going to be the winner of the upcoming election for the US Presidency in the month of November? Ignore the pundits and polls. If you want to know which candidate will win the presidential election, the traders in the US stock market or the on-line gamblers at will let you know.

   That’s right, it turns out that the S&P-500 index has “correctly predicted” the outcome…

May 24, 2016

Longer dated Crude Oil futures see Spot prices peaking near $50 /barrel

Crude futures see $50

     Three months ago, – on February 9th, – Goldman Sach’s <GS> analysts warned that the price of crude oil could drop to below $20 /barrel as part of a search for a price level that would bring the dynamic of supply and demand back into balance.

“With capacity to store oil exhausted in some places, prices may need to drop low enough to halt crude output that can no longer be stockpiled. Once you breach storage capacity, prices have to spike below cash…

May 18, 2016

Shrinking Yield Curve Crushes Japan’s Bank share index

Japan Yield Curve

    The Bank of Japan’s <BoJ> surprise decision on January 29th -to charge lenders for some of their reserves has made banks the worst performers on the Tokyo Stock Exchange this year and led to criticism from bank executives and analysts. The Topix Banks Index has tumbled –45% compared last year’s peak levels, the most of all industry groups. MUFG, the nation’s biggest lender, dropped -33%, Sumitomo Mitsui declined -27% and Mizuho slid -31%.

    Since Japan’s central bank began charging lenders 0.1…

May 18, 2016

After ¥120-trillion of BoJ liquidity injections, since Oct ’14 – the US$ is Unchanged vs Yen

Japan QQE vs US$ -Yen

    Nearly 18-months ago, on the evening of Friday, Oct 31st, 2014   -the Bank of Japan BoJ> shocked the markets, saying it would increase the size of its purchases of government bonds by ¥15 trillion yen ($135-billion) to about ¥80 trillion ($725 billion) in total annually. BoJ chief Haruhiko Kuroda said the increase was required to prevent a reversal into a “deflationary mindset” that the country’s leaders contend has stymied growth for many years. Countering such a trend is “the most important thing we can…

May 09, 2016

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