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Anti Establishment fever sweeps into Italy


    After Brexit and Donald Trump, investors are focusing on Italy, as they position themselves ahead of what could be the latest political event to rattle markets and upend politics. Italy’s prime minister Matteo Renzi has called for a referendum, to be held on December 4th, that if approved would curb the powers of the Senate and bring greater stability to a political system that has seen 63 different government since World War II. However, Renzi has promised to quit if he loses, and so, the vote has turned into into…

Nov 21, 2016

“Trump Tantrum” Roils US Bond market


    Earlier this year, as government bond yields tumbled to all-time lows in the immediate aftermath of the UK’s June 23rd vote for Brexit, the value of sovereign debt with yields below zero percent – had ballooned to $11.7-trillion. Fixed income investors were confronted with stark choices. Many fund managers shifted into lower quality junk bonds in the hunt for juicier yields, others — including pension and insurance companies required to stick to better quality borrowers — plowed monies into longer-dated bonds. Until the US-elections on Nov 8th, the strategy had…

Nov 21, 2016

Trump’s Sinking Poll Numbers knock US$ Lower versus Mexico’s peso


As soon as the first televised debate on the night of Sept 26 between the US-presidential candidates ended, the US$ began to tumble against Mexico’s peso. Currency traders judged Hilary Clinton to have gotten the edge in the polls over Donald Trump. And now, with roughly sixty Republican party members calling on Trump to quit the presidential race following the release of a 2005 video in which the real-estate developer is heard talking crudely about women, the US$ has continued to loseground to the peso. Earlier today, on October 10th, the US$…

Oct 11, 2016

Will the Fed hike Interest rates before the Nov 8 Elections?


    Political pundits and Campaign operatives and the elitists in Washington aren’t the only ones that are very interested in the outcome of the upcoming Presidential election. Top officials at the Federal Reserve are also nervously watching the opinion polls, to gauge whether Hillary Clinton, will win the presidency. The average of the last eight polls shows a narrowing of the race, with Clinton’s +8-point lead in August shrinking to around +2% today.

    Fed officials are worried about recent comments from Hillary Clinton,…

Sep 12, 2016

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